The importance of a clean carpet

The importance of a clean carpet

A carpet is a very versatile and convenient decorative element. It does not only give a touch of color and distinction to an empty space but also serves to provide warmth and avoid the cold that is installed in the floors when winter arrives.

The wide variety of carpets on the market makes us have a wide range of possibilities, ranging from carpeted a room, to use in the bathroom to avoid slipping and the unpleasant sensation of polar cold that occurs when entering the floor in contact with the feet.

Notwithstanding the humidity and the consequent mold, dust, allergens … are elements that are installed comfortably in those carpets in which care and maintenance are neglected. Therefore, we must clean them properly with the vacuum cleaner at least twice a week.

Cleaning Carpets: A must for allergy sufferers

The carpet is one of the natural enemies of allergy: among its bell fibers, its broad mites and other allergens that can cause discomfort among those who are harmed by this respiratory condition.

For this reason, if we have some allergy nearby but do not want to give up the functionality of a good carpet, we must increase the frequency of cleaning of the carpet, and not limit it to spraying: shaking, sweeping and removal of solids should be a daily task.

If we are bent on acquiring a carpet for the stay but we do not have enough time for daily maintenance, there are materials such as vinyl, polypropylene or even bamboo that repel mites and allow allergy sufferers not to resent the hour to have a carpet nearby.

A hygiene reason

In home environments, we can be sure to keep cleaning in line, but because of the versatility discussed above, the use of carpets is common in other environments where public traffic is continuous like hotels or airplanes.

In these environments not only is obvious the indication of a daily cleaning (and even several times), in addition, it must be made with industrial products that guarantee the health of the environment.

In aircraft carpet, for example, the use of high-pressure spray nozzles for cleaning gives us the assurance that wherever we pass, there is no residue: an idea that comforts us when it comes to talking, for example, carpeted Seats, where every day can rest dozens of passengers.

In the case of hotels, the same thing happens: the privacy of a room must convey tranquility and that nothing should worry us, so cleaning must be guaranteed by the use of powerful cleaning systems that not only leave the room aseptic but Which also simplifies the cleaning process by reducing the work with facilities such as not needing more than one pass for each space.

The significance of taking care of your carpets regularly


The carpets are one of the preferred objects of decoration for homes and businesses, their designs and textures project a good image to the people who visit us or, where appropriate, our customers and employees, so we must ensure that they are in the best conditions.

The carpets are very useful because they provide comfort since they can be used as wall tapestry and many of them require a specialized care for the texture. High technology systems and techniques are used for carpet washing.

Many are made with such aptitude and precision that they can be considered a true piece of art, and therefore, their care must be specialized, as we cannot subject them to any regular carpet washing.

We recommend the washing of carpet to take care of the fibers of the dirt that are generated, since they can be damaged by the accumulation of dust, also there is a great diversity of materials and designs in the carpets and all of them are exposed to a spill liquid or food stains, so a constant and quality maintenance will ensure that your life of these carpets and that they last longer.

There is a great diversity of materials and designs in the carpets of our houses and offices; all of them are exposed to a spill of liquids or food stains, so a consistent and quality maintenance will ensure that their useful life and colors and textures attracted us to these carpets, last longer.

There are also houses or apartments that are completely carpeted and, therefore, a deep and conscious cleaning is necessary to maintain the health of the inhabitants of that space. It is true that a fully upholstered home is warmer and more comfortable; If we want our house to be like this we must keep in mind that you will always need constant maintenance and a conscientious cleaning in all the space.

Mexico City is characterized by a climate difficult to forecast, afternoons can be sunny and suddenly the sky begins to cover dark clouds that will lead to heavy rain throughout the metropolitan area creating a damp environment that enters in our house or office and impregnates the environment, being sheltered in the fabrics of our carpets.

We must be very careful in the maintenance of our carpets, whether of luxury or rough use, because regardless of the material and the quality of which they have been manufactured there is a risk of keeping mites, which in time will damage health.

In addition, they are the preferred place of diverse insects like cockroaches or spiders that use them to deposit their eggs. If we raise a corner of the carpet and expose the floor, we may be surprised by the dirt, human or animal hair, dust or insects: a complete deposit of toxic particles and allergens that will surely wreak havoc in our health.

We know that if we do not consciously care and clean the carpets can appear various allergies or dermatitis. There are so many bacteria that can live in the tissues of our carpets that we believe that taking industrial quantities of pesticide will be the solution.

If we want to make sure that our carpet is really clean and sanitized, we must resort to a professional carpet washing, since only the carpet will have the necessary appliances and products to thoroughly clean our carpet completely, leaving it completely free Of mites and any particles of dust or hair that could generate an allergy or symptom. For any complexity, please contact with a professional service provider.

We believe that by running a large vacuum cleaner on the surface of the carpet will be enough to free it from all these elements that damage our health and the appearance of the carpet, but without the help of a carpet cleaning expert, all we will get will be Lift the noxious particles and leave them suspended in the air, so that soon they fall again on the carpet, because, although the vacuum cleaner manages to eliminate a small part of all these harmful elements, does not solve the problem.

We should also avoid cleaning the carpet as if it were a normal floor. Sometimes cleaning staffs who are not trained or do not have the necessary equipment for optimal carpet washing, uses a broom moistened with water and detergent, all they manage to accumulate moisture under the fibers and scrape the surface damaging the design and fabric of the carpet.

Natural carpet cleaning with vinegar

Natural carpet cleaning with vinegar

When you decide to carry out a carpet cleaning, you can replace the chemicals with home remedies.

Cleaning your carpet

A natural and easy to prepare recipes that will allow you to take care of the elements that decorate your home in a practical and economical way.

Thanks to this natural trick for cleaning carpets you will have the opportunity to eliminate the stains and dirt that accumulate in these accessories due to the passage of time.

Put it into practice today if you want your carpets to look newly bought!


  • Half a glass of white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons neutral detergent
  • A glass of water
  • A clean cloth

Steps to follow

It is important that, before proceeding with carpet cleaning, pass the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

After this is done, heat the water.

When the liquid is hot, remove it from the fire or microwave and pour it into a bowl next to the white vinegar and the neutral detergent.

Mix all the ingredients to fuse as well as possible.

Moisten a clean cloth in this home solution and use it to clean dirty carpets.

Once you have removed all traces of stains and dirt, remove excess moisture by passing another clean, dry cloth all over the surface of the carpet.

The neutral detergent will remove the most difficult stains, while the white vinegar will remove the dirt and leave the carpet free of germs and bacteria due to its disinfecting power.

Put into practice this trick of home when you need to clean the carpets of your house and you want to leave them like new making use of economic and natural ingredients.

The advantages of this tip for the home are the following:

It is very cheap.

It is easy to prepare.

It removes dirt from the carpets and kills germs and bacteria because of the antimicrobial properties of vinegar.

There are lots of artificial cleaning agents that clean the carpet of your home in a short span of time. But it is also to be considered that these artificial agents often leave you unprotected from chemicals and their effects. So in this case, natural cleansers are the best.

Carpet cleaning agents

Carpet cleaning agents

There are different types of products that are used for cleaning the carpet. One of them is described below:


Mcr2 30


Shampoo to clean carpets, carpets, and upholstery


A mixture of synthetic anionic detergents, with foam stabilizers, and agents which are emulsified on a water-stable basis.

Technical characteristics:

Specific weight: 0.99.

PH: 7 – 7.5.

Moisturizing properties: No excessive moisture

Sparkling properties: 50 ml. Of a 1% solution

They should produce 450 ml of foam after stirring the mixture.


Great foaming power to be able to penetrate between the fibers, to aerate them, to emulsify the dirt and to extract it.

It even removes mold and mildew. It returns the original color and softness without altering the treated surfaces as it has no dye or bleaching effect whatsoever. It is biodegradable. It is not flammable.

Eliminates static electricity for a long time (However, for a definitive and specific treatment it is advisable after cleaning to use our product called Mcr2 Antistatic indicated for the long-term elimination of static electricity).


In case of cleaning carpets, upholstery, curtains, covers, and walls, the fabrics, in general, natural or synthetic. Also there is upholstery cleaning of armchairs, sofas, and tripods.

It is also suitable for upholstery of cars and coaches, aircraft carpets, and halls of shows such as cinemas, theaters, hotels, discotheques, offices, etc.

How to use

Mix it with water according to the type of surface, type of stain, quantity, and antiquity of the dirt.

Prior to its application, it is advisable to collect occluded dust on the fabric with a vacuum cleaner.

Manual use:

To dilute one part of the product with 5 or 10 parts of water or in a bucket add 1/2 Liter of product and the rest of water-agitating until obtaining a good amount of foam. Then with a sponge, mop or soft brush apply to the surface by rubbing lightly. Let dry. No need to rinse. Finally and to collect the dry foam with the residues suspended in it, to pass a sponge, cloth or rag, or better to realize a good aspiration with vacuuming the more potent better.

Use with the machine:

Dilute one part of the product in 15 parts of water in the magazine reservoir. Apply the product with a soft bristle brush. Let drying and vacuuming.

However, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the machine manufacturer.


Do not eat, in case of accidental ingestion.

How to Clean a Carpet

How to Clean a Carpet

Generally, when people want to keep their carpet clean, they start by vacuuming, but this is not the right thing to do since there are different very useful guidelines for cleaning carpets, such as removing their stains and facing numerous problems that sometimes arise when cleaning them.
One should know that in old carpets, stains tend to accumulate and therefore over time, they have a dismal appearance. For this reason, regular cleaning can illuminate the carpet and remove all stains. Modern cleaning solutions, as well as stain removers, contain a lot of aggressive chemicals and emit strong odors. That is why with just a few common household products is enough to effectively clean carpets. You can also use home cleaners instead of the famous toilets since many people are sensitive to these strong odors and with these homemade products we can add natural aromas and get a pleasant smell.

The Basics of How to Clean a Carpet

It is recommended to vacuum carpets every week or every two weeks on both sides. If you live in places with a lot of pollution or traffic, it is best to breathe every three or four days. If you frequently vacuum the carpets in your home you can prolong the life of these, since when cleaning them prevent particles of sand from accumulating.

When vacuuming, the fibers of the carpets are not cut and remain intact, so one of the best options to clean them is the vacuum cleaner.
Once a year, it is very advisable to rotate the carpets 180 degrees, for this, take the ends of the carpet and place them at the opposite end of the one we had before. In this way, we get the carpet to wear evenly. It is also advisable to move the furniture on top of it, to maintain a perfect look.

Let’s go with some tips:

1 – The carpets should not be folded, but rolled up, this way we will ensure that the carpet does not have folds or wrinkles and look perfect.

If we want to get a better cleaning, we should try to buy a professional carpet cleaner. You can also rent a professional vacuum cleaner to extract dirt better; these types of machines are designed to vacuum carpets and upholstery well.

2 – If a carpet gets wet from a flood or gets wet by spilling a liquid, it is advisable to go to some professional carpet cleaner in order to prevent them from being damaged.
3 – To suck a carpet well we have to divide it into parts, for this, we have to divide the floor into quadrants and go vacuuming the carpet in quadrants.

The carpets of plush, they are the ones that more dirt accumulates, since the dirt is embedded deep in the fibers that contain. That is why vacuuming once is not enough; it is advisable to suck a few times and slowly to suck up the dirt on the floor.

4 – It is advisable to apply special cleaners on the floor, for new carpets or those have been cleaned recently. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do it with a professional team, using the recommended techniques.

To combat bad odors, add baking soda to the steam appliance, use it to clean the carpets. Or clean a carpet

5 – To remove a stain of liquid on a carpet, first have to dry the stain, and then have to rinse well with clean water. After that, dry again. Never rub the carpet, because you risk damaging the fibers or let the spill spread further.

Water-soluble stains, such as alcoholic beverages, berries, excrement, food colorings, ice cream, sauces, marmalade, milk, mud, ink or paint, must be cleaned with a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of bleach without detergent mixed with 32 ml of white vinegar, mixed in a bowl.