Air Duct Cleaning

Remove Contaminants And Allergens From Your Ventilation System

The purpose of a ventilation system is to circulate air throughout your home or business. Over time, however, the ventilation system in your home can become a collection point for a variety of detrimental contaminants including dust, fungus, and bacteria. These contaminants cause the overall air quality to become diminished and contribute to allergies. According to the American College of Allergens, 50% of all illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air.

Carpet Cleaning Coop cleans air ducts and internal ventilation components. We will remove contaminants and allergens such as mold, dust and pet dander from your ventilation system. Each duct is individually cleaned from the grill back to the main unit. We guarantee that you will greatly benefit from our services. First and foremost you will improve the quality of the air you breathe. Clean air ducts will also save you money by reducing your heating and cooling expenses.

Breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner indoor environment after having your ventilation system professionally cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Coop. Our air duct services are available for $69.95 (includes up to 5 vents). For more details please call us today!