Carpet cleaning agents

There are different types of products that are used for cleaning the carpet. One of them is described below:


Mcr2 30


Shampoo to clean carpets, carpets, and upholstery


A mixture of synthetic anionic detergents, with foam stabilizers, and agents which are emulsified on a water-stable basis.

Technical characteristics:

Specific weight: 0.99.

PH: 7 – 7.5.

Moisturizing properties: No excessive moisture

Sparkling properties: 50 ml. Of a 1% solution

They should produce 450 ml of foam after stirring the mixture.


Great foaming power to be able to penetrate between the fibers, to aerate them, to emulsify the dirt and to extract it.

It even removes mold and mildew. It returns the original color and softness without altering the treated surfaces as it has no dye or bleaching effect whatsoever. It is biodegradable. It is not flammable.

Eliminates static electricity for a long time (However, for a definitive and specific treatment it is advisable after cleaning to use our product called Mcr2 Antistatic indicated for the long-term elimination of static electricity).


In case of cleaning carpets, upholstery, curtains, covers, and walls, the fabrics, in general, natural or synthetic. Also there is upholstery cleaning of armchairs, sofas, and tripods.

It is also suitable for upholstery of cars and coaches, aircraft carpets, and halls of shows such as cinemas, theaters, hotels, discotheques, offices, etc.

How to use

Mix it with water according to the type of surface, type of stain, quantity, and antiquity of the dirt.

Prior to its application, it is advisable to collect occluded dust on the fabric with a vacuum cleaner.

Manual use:

To dilute one part of the product with 5 or 10 parts of water or in a bucket add 1/2 Liter of product and the rest of water-agitating until obtaining a good amount of foam. Then with a sponge, mop or soft brush apply to the surface by rubbing lightly. Let dry. No need to rinse. Finally and to collect the dry foam with the residues suspended in it, to pass a sponge, cloth or rag, or better to realize a good aspiration with vacuuming the more potent better.

Use with the machine:

Dilute one part of the product in 15 parts of water in the magazine reservoir. Apply the product with a soft bristle brush. Let drying and vacuuming.

However, it is advisable to follow the instructions of the machine manufacturer.


Do not eat, in case of accidental ingestion.

Carpet cleaning agents