How to Clean a Carpet

Generally, when people want to keep their carpet clean, they start by vacuuming, but this is not the right thing to do since there are different very useful guidelines for cleaning carpets, such as removing their stains and facing numerous problems that sometimes arise when cleaning them.
One should know that in old carpets, stains tend to accumulate and therefore over time, they have a dismal appearance. For this reason, regular cleaning can illuminate the carpet and remove all stains. Modern cleaning solutions, as well as stain removers, contain a lot of aggressive chemicals and emit strong odors. That is why with just a few common household products is enough to effectively clean carpets. You can also use home cleaners instead of the famous toilets since many people are sensitive to these strong odors and with these homemade products we can add natural aromas and get a pleasant smell.

The Basics of How to Clean a Carpet

It is recommended to vacuum carpets every week or every two weeks on both sides. If you live in places with a lot of pollution or traffic, it is best to breathe every three or four days. If you frequently vacuum the carpets in your home you can prolong the life of these, since when cleaning them prevent particles of sand from accumulating.

When vacuuming, the fibers of the carpets are not cut and remain intact, so one of the best options to clean them is the vacuum cleaner.
Once a year, it is very advisable to rotate the carpets 180 degrees, for this, take the ends of the carpet and place them at the opposite end of the one we had before. In this way, we get the carpet to wear evenly. It is also advisable to move the furniture on top of it, to maintain a perfect look.

Let’s go with some tips:

1 – The carpets should not be folded, but rolled up, this way we will ensure that the carpet does not have folds or wrinkles and look perfect.

If we want to get a better cleaning, we should try to buy a professional carpet cleaner. You can also rent a professional vacuum cleaner to extract dirt better; these types of machines are designed to vacuum carpets and upholstery well.

2 – If a carpet gets wet from a flood or gets wet by spilling a liquid, it is advisable to go to some professional carpet cleaner in order to prevent them from being damaged.
3 – To suck a carpet well we have to divide it into parts, for this, we have to divide the floor into quadrants and go vacuuming the carpet in quadrants.

The carpets of plush, they are the ones that more dirt accumulates, since the dirt is embedded deep in the fibers that contain. That is why vacuuming once is not enough; it is advisable to suck a few times and slowly to suck up the dirt on the floor.

4 – It is advisable to apply special cleaners on the floor, for new carpets or those have been cleaned recently. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and do it with a professional team, using the recommended techniques.

To combat bad odors, add baking soda to the steam appliance, use it to clean the carpets. Or clean a carpet

5 – To remove a stain of liquid on a carpet, first have to dry the stain, and then have to rinse well with clean water. After that, dry again. Never rub the carpet, because you risk damaging the fibers or let the spill spread further.

Water-soluble stains, such as alcoholic beverages, berries, excrement, food colorings, ice cream, sauces, marmalade, milk, mud, ink or paint, must be cleaned with a solution of 1/4 teaspoon of bleach without detergent mixed with 32 ml of white vinegar, mixed in a bowl.

How to Clean a Carpet