Mix and Match Special. Double Your Value.

“Mix and Match” aka Double Your Value Special:

Get your carpet cleaned with our “Full Service” Carpet Cleaning- for each room you have cleaned using this cleaning, we will let you add for free those services that are not carpet cleaning, DuPont Teflon Protection, Scotchgard Protection, stone cleaning, or terrazzo to match what you have spent. I.E. if you purchase four rooms of carpet cleaned using our”Full Service” Carpet Cleaning, a total of $250(with gas surcharge), we will let you pick from services for tile, hardwood floors, furniture, and vehicles. Pick from $250 worth of Tile and Grout Cleaning, Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Vehicle cleaning. No specials may be used in combination with this special.

I think that explains it but I’d like to walk you through how a few times it has been used. Mind you we’ve found our non-discounted prices to be typically 40% cheaper. So you can how there are possibly hundreds of dollars of savings when compared to our competitors.

One customer on an occasion ordered a living room, a separate dining room, three bedrooms, and two hallways to be cleaned using our “Full Service” Carpet Cleaning. Five rooms and two hallways. Each hallway was more than 50 square feet but less than 100 Square feet each. If the hallways are less than 50 square feet each, and when added to the square footage to the largest room with which they are connected, they are not priced at all. So at $60 per room and $25 per hallway, the total came to $360 after adding the $10 fuel surcharge. A competitor we found out charged $378 without doing a high-speed deep scrub, enzyme treatment, without sanitizers, and without a carpet fiber rinse, or treatment for spots and stains. So we recommend for you to be sure to ask the competitors what they are charging. But wait, let’s not forget those free matching services they were entitled to.

They also got 200 square feet of tile and grout in their kitchen cleaned, scrubbed, polished, and sealed and protected. So that’s $120(.60 per square foot) right there. They then had a sofa and love seat dry cleaned(they were heavily soiled and stained, we removed a bunch of pen ink their young child had drawn onto the furniture), sanitized, and deodorized. So the customer was able to double their value with us, and possibly save hundreds upon hundreds more against our competitors.

Another household had the rare duo of tile and hardwood flooring on the bottom floor of their home. They had about 500 square feet of tile to be cleaned and nearly 500 square feet of hardwood flooring to be cleaned. So for $310($300 plus a $10 fuel surcharge)they got a total combined cleaning of 1,000 Square Feet of tile and hardwood floor cleaning. We know this price is incredible as it works out to $.31 the per square foot. We know our competitors are charging $.99 per square foot just to mop clean your hardwood floors and then mop on waxes. Before you get too excited, no we don’t cut the normal price in half. If you have 1,000 Square Feet of Tile we are not going to only charge you for 500 Square Feet. But if you purchase 1,000 Square Feet of Tile it is $600. So then you can purchase up to $600 worth of “Full Service” Carpet Cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, Vehicle Cleaning, or Hardwood Floor Cleaning. If there is credit for cleaning you don’t use that day we do not refund it to you or credit it to you to use on the different day. Still, many of our customers like this special as they use it as an opportunity to get much if not all the flooring cleaned in their house, and nearly all if not all the furniture.