Natural carpet cleaning with vinegar

When you decide to carry out a carpet cleaning, you can replace the chemicals with home remedies.

Cleaning your carpet

A natural and easy to prepare recipes that will allow you to take care of the elements that decorate your home in a practical and economical way.

Thanks to this natural trick for cleaning carpets you will have the opportunity to eliminate the stains and dirt that accumulate in these accessories due to the passage of time.

Put it into practice today if you want your carpets to look newly bought!


  • Half a glass of white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons neutral detergent
  • A glass of water
  • A clean cloth

Steps to follow

It is important that, before proceeding with carpet cleaning, pass the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust.

After this is done, heat the water.

When the liquid is hot, remove it from the fire or microwave and pour it into a bowl next to the white vinegar and the neutral detergent.

Mix all the ingredients to fuse as well as possible.

Moisten a clean cloth in this home solution and use it to clean dirty carpets.

Once you have removed all traces of stains and dirt, remove excess moisture by passing another clean, dry cloth all over the surface of the carpet.

The neutral detergent will remove the most difficult stains, while the white vinegar will remove the dirt and leave the carpet free of germs and bacteria due to its disinfecting power.

Put into practice this trick of home when you need to clean the carpets of your house and you want to leave them like new making use of economic and natural ingredients.

The advantages of this tip for the home are the following:

It is very cheap.

It is easy to prepare.

It removes dirt from the carpets and kills germs and bacteria because of the antimicrobial properties of vinegar.

There are lots of artificial cleaning agents that clean the carpet of your home in a short span of time. But it is also to be considered that these artificial agents often leave you unprotected from chemicals and their effects. So in this case, natural cleansers are the best.

Natural carpet cleaning with vinegar