The importance of a clean carpet

A carpet is a very versatile and convenient decorative element. It does not only give a touch of color and distinction to an empty space but also serves to provide warmth and avoid the cold that is installed in the floors when winter arrives.

The wide variety of carpets on the market makes us have a wide range of possibilities, ranging from carpeted a room, to use in the bathroom to avoid slipping and the unpleasant sensation of polar cold that occurs when entering the floor in contact with the feet.

Notwithstanding the humidity and the consequent mold, dust, allergens … are elements that are installed comfortably in those carpets in which care and maintenance are neglected. Therefore, we must clean them properly with the vacuum cleaner at least twice a week.

Cleaning Carpets: A must for allergy sufferers

The carpet is one of the natural enemies of allergy: among its bell fibers, its broad mites and other allergens that can cause discomfort among those who are harmed by this respiratory condition.

For this reason, if we have some allergy nearby but do not want to give up the functionality of a good carpet, we must increase the frequency of cleaning of the carpet, and not limit it to spraying: shaking, sweeping and removal of solids should be a daily task.

If we are bent on acquiring a carpet for the stay but we do not have enough time for daily maintenance, there are materials such as vinyl, polypropylene or even bamboo that repel mites and allow allergy sufferers not to resent the hour to have a carpet nearby.

A hygiene reason

In home environments, we can be sure to keep cleaning in line, but because of the versatility discussed above, the use of carpets is common in other environments where public traffic is continuous like hotels or airplanes.

In these environments not only is obvious the indication of a daily cleaning (and even several times), in addition, it must be made with industrial products that guarantee the health of the environment.

In aircraft carpet, for example, the use of high-pressure spray nozzles for cleaning gives us the assurance that wherever we pass, there is no residue: an idea that comforts us when it comes to talking, for example, carpeted Seats, where every day can rest dozens of passengers.

In the case of hotels, the same thing happens: the privacy of a room must convey tranquility and that nothing should worry us, so cleaning must be guaranteed by the use of powerful cleaning systems that not only leave the room aseptic but Which also simplifies the cleaning process by reducing the work with facilities such as not needing more than one pass for each space.

The importance of a clean carpet