The carpets are one of the preferred objects of decoration for homes and businesses, their designs and textures project a good image to the people who visit us or, where appropriate, our customers and employees, so we must ensure that they are in the best conditions.

The carpets are very useful because they provide comfort since they can be used as wall tapestry and many of them require a specialized care for the texture. High technology systems and techniques are used for carpet washing.

Many are made with such aptitude and precision that they can be considered a true piece of art, and therefore, their care must be specialized, as we cannot subject them to any regular carpet washing.

We recommend the washing of carpet to take care of the fibers of the dirt that are generated, since they can be damaged by the accumulation of dust, also there is a great diversity of materials and designs in the carpets and all of them are exposed to a spill liquid or food stains, so a constant and quality maintenance will ensure that your life of these carpets and that they last longer.

There is a great diversity of materials and designs in the carpets of our houses and offices; all of them are exposed to a spill of liquids or food stains, so a consistent and quality maintenance will ensure that their useful life and colors and textures attracted us to these carpets, last longer.

There are also houses or apartments that are completely carpeted and, therefore, a deep and conscious cleaning is necessary to maintain the health of the inhabitants of that space. It is true that a fully upholstered home is warmer and more comfortable; If we want our house to be like this we must keep in mind that you will always need constant maintenance and a conscientious cleaning in all the space.

Mexico City is characterized by a climate difficult to forecast, afternoons can be sunny and suddenly the sky begins to cover dark clouds that will lead to heavy rain throughout the metropolitan area creating a damp environment that enters in our house or office and impregnates the environment, being sheltered in the fabrics of our carpets.

We must be very careful in the maintenance of our carpets, whether of luxury or rough use, because regardless of the material and the quality of which they have been manufactured there is a risk of keeping mites, which in time will damage health.

In addition, they are the preferred place of diverse insects like cockroaches or spiders that use them to deposit their eggs. If we raise a corner of the carpet and expose the floor, we may be surprised by the dirt, human or animal hair, dust or insects: a complete deposit of toxic particles and allergens that will surely wreak havoc in our health.

We know that if we do not consciously care and clean the carpets can appear various allergies or dermatitis. There are so many bacteria that can live in the tissues of our carpets that we believe that taking industrial quantities of pesticide will be the solution.

If we want to make sure that our carpet is really clean and sanitized, we must resort to a professional carpet washing, since only the carpet will have the necessary appliances and products to thoroughly clean our carpet completely, leaving it completely free Of mites and any particles of dust or hair that could generate an allergy or symptom. For any complexity, please contact with a professional service provider.

We believe that by running a large vacuum cleaner on the surface of the carpet will be enough to free it from all these elements that damage our health and the appearance of the carpet, but without the help of a carpet cleaning expert, all we will get will be Lift the noxious particles and leave them suspended in the air, so that soon they fall again on the carpet, because, although the vacuum cleaner manages to eliminate a small part of all these harmful elements, does not solve the problem.

We should also avoid cleaning the carpet as if it were a normal floor. Sometimes cleaning staffs who are not trained or do not have the necessary equipment for optimal carpet washing, uses a broom moistened with water and detergent, all they manage to accumulate moisture under the fibers and scrape the surface damaging the design and fabric of the carpet.

The significance of taking care of your carpets regularly